Innovation in lipid therapy

Episode 37,  Aug 05, 2022, 10:00 AM

A treatment for patients at high risk of having a heart attack or stroke is now available for prescribing in primary care, yet uptake among GPs has been slow. 
Inclisiran was approved for use by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) in late 2021 and AHSNs are helping local teams to develop different models of Inclisiran delivery.

Inclisiran bridges a gap in the lipid management pathway, offering an additional medication to use alongside statins and other lipid-lowering products used in primary care. Trials show that when a patient is receiving statins as part of their treatment and is prescribed Inclisiran, their low-density lipoprotein level (ldl) reduces by around 50 per cent.

In this episode, Dr Phil Jennings explores the science behind Inclisiran and the evidence of its effectiveness. His guests are Professor Kausik Ray, Professor of Public Health, Honorary Consultant Cardiologist and Director of Imperial Centre for Cardiovascular Disease Prevention at Imperial College London; and to Dr Carl Deaney, a GP in Lincolnshire. 

This podcast has been created to inform healthcare professionals only, to support them to roll-out the treatment.