Vacation Nightmares | The Korkki Sisters, Kristy Manzanares, Carla Valpeoz & David Sneddon

Jul 07, 2022, 04:00 AM

We hope that everyone (in the Northern Hemisphere!) is enjoying their summer vacation.  In this episode of the True Crime Society Podcast, we discuss Vacation Nightmares.  Things often go wrong following a combination of sun, alcohol and foreign countries.
American sisters Anne and Robin Korkki were on the trip of a lifetime. They were staying at an exclusive resort in Seychelles, when the hotel butler became concerned that he hadn’t seem them for a period of time.  He entered their room and found both sisters in bed, deceased.

Kristy Manzanares and her husband Kenneth boarded a cruise ship to Alaska with their three daughters in 2017.  They were travelling with extended family.  Just two days into their vacation, it all went wrong.  Other guests recalled hearing a woman ‘screaming for her life’.  Kristy was found dead in her cabin and Kenneth was arrested for her murder.

Carla Valpeoz is an American woman who has been missing in Peru since 2018.  Carla was brave – she was legally blind and wanted to see the world before her eyesight totally failed.  There is eerie final footage of Carla, walking with her cane.  She has never been seen again.

David Sneddon was an American man, visiting China in 2004.  He vanished without a trace and many people suspected that he had an accident while hiking.  More information has come to light recently that suggests David may have been kidnapped by North Korean officials and that he has been forced to work for the Kim regime there.
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