Episode #348 - ‘The Matrix Resurrections’ - A Matrix 4 Us All

Mar 11, 2022, 11:00 PM

The Matrix: Resurrections pulls the ReWatchable panel back into the fold for one last ride with the original crew. Although everything seems slightly the same, this meta retelling of the series offers something new for everyone. Leaning into the film took a bit of effort at the start, but the film still laid the groundwork for another discussion of the larger themes of the piece from Lana Wachowski. Join us as we ask the big questions, such as: Did this movie need to be made? Did we enjoy it? Did Keanu make another joke?!

Fun Facts

  • Natalie’s hair cannot get short enough, Karen has a car (and a lot of additional responsibility), and Kendra literally entered the Mirrorverse with Spider-Man.
  • As a reminder: we are no longer found on Hypable – we are now on Subjectify Media! Read all about it in our relaunch article: Reintroducing ReWatchable: And our next round is… – Subjectify Media
  • Overall impressions
  • Did this movie need to be made?
  • Kendra’s Kontemplations from the movie theater seat
  • Keanu’s did not make a joke (Brittany determines this while writing the show notes)
  • Let’s discuss the motive behind making this movie
  • Did this movie serve every audience member?
  • Yes, update those CGI graphics!!
  • There is a new The One, what do we think of our lead?
  • Everyone finally has a sensible Matrix outfit
  • Neo is removed from the Matrix and it takes a bit for us to get into the film and sort out what exactly is going on
  • Meta seems like a bad descriptor (thanks, Zuckerberg), but we did enjoy bits of the meta of it all
  • Sense8 is all over the place, stay tuned for us to point them out
  • Welcome Jonathan Groff (we love you so much)
  • What did we think of the changes in Agent Smith here?
  • We don’t know the whole story about bringing back Morpheus 1.0, but we like Morpheus 2.0 
  • The Choice is there, but is it really? 
  • Tweaking the code got rid of some of the elements that were bothersome from the original trilogy
  • Following the White Rabbit
  • Going from a phone call to Zoom – an excellent description of the Matrix upgrade
  • Ladies and gentleman, Neo Unplugged
  • Meet a new generation of characters
  • We’re going back to Io
  • “You never appreciated our relationship”
  • The biggest question: Is this a love story?
  • At the heart of the story is Trinity, is that a good thing?
  • Would you prefer to be in the pod? (Not this pod because the answer is obviously, yes)
  • Unlike this episode, the movie has some after credits scenes
This episode’s panel included all superfans: Karen Rought, Kendra Cleary, Natalie Fisher, and one panelist who saw it but didn’t show up: Brittany Lovely.

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