Ep 5 - Postmaster and CWU rep Mark Baker signs off

Episode 5,   Jul 17, 2022, 01:25 PM

An interview with Mark Baker, postmaster and CWU rep who has announced his retirement, stating the Post Office has made it "totally unviable" for Postmasters to make any money at all running their branches.

A wide-ranging interview with Mark Baker, a long-serving Postmaster and CWU union rep, who has just announced his retirement. Mark posted a note on the CWU Postmasters facebook page stating that the Post Office has rendered the Post Office counter side of his retail business "totally unviable" due to what he calls "their scandalous remuneration system". He goes on to say "we will not allow our retail business to be damaged by the Post Office leeching off the income we derive from our retail side. Neither of us enjoy working in the Post Office anymore and we both have held a mantra throughout our working lives that we will not work in a job we no longer enjoy. We do not see a future for the Network. The Post Office are not prepared to change their ways and the Government has no plan for the Network it owns, except a managed - or mis-managed - decline."

In this interview Mark explains why he thinks this is the case and opens up about his NFSP past during the Post Office's prosecution spree. He also explains how he came to understand Horizon was not a reliable system, his departure from the NFSP and his work for the CWU helping Subpostmasters under the Post Office cosh.