Web 3.0 Virtual Reality Creator Ashley Briley

Episode 307,   Jul 18, 2022, 06:40 PM

In this week's episode of the Black Girl Nerds podcast, we welcome VR creator Ashley Briley.

World Builder Ashley Briley made “Den of Horrors,” a successful Horizon Worlds horror experience that was building up traction and excitement in the Horizon Worlds community. Meta reached out to her to gauge her interest in the project without revealing its ties to the Nope film. As soon as Monkeypaw and Universal saw “Den of Horrors” they were blown away and asked to work with the creator of the world. Ashley agreed and formed a group of diverse creators (Samantha Nunoo, Matt Torres and Kevin Dixon) to help her kick off building. 

Host: Jamie
Music by: Sammus
Edited by: Jamie Broadnax