Happy Me Project with Holly Matthews

Season 3, Episode 25,   Jul 20, 2022, 06:00 AM

Caution: this episode contains swearing 

Happy Me Project with Holly Matthews Podcast is out, may it help & inspire you in your life. 

Who is Holly Matthews?

Holly Matthews is a former TV actress, Ted X speaker, Life Coach, NLP practitioner and founder of The Happy Me Project & Author of the bestselling book the Happy Me Project. 

Holly has established a strong social media following of engaged fans, has over 40,000 followers across her social platforms and over 3 million views on her award-winning You Tube Channel.

In 2017, Holly’s husband Ross died of brain cancer and she vlogged about her experience. The lead up to his death, his death and aftermath was featured extensively in the UK media both in print, radio and television, opening a brand new audience to Holly.

Holly launched her flagship brand The Happy Me Project in 2017 just months after the death of her husband and has watched hundreds go through its virtual doors and many more to the in-person workshops of the same name. Holly boasts eight sell-out tour dates across the UK with more planned & bestselling Author of the happy me project. 

Holly is a Mum to two daughters, Brooke (nine) and Texas (seven), who worked with her on The Happy Me Project KIDS online visualisations course and in-person workshop 

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