How to be a Startup Journey Pioneer with Charlotte Clark from Base Ventures

Season 2, Episode 9,   Jul 21, 2022, 08:00 AM

In this week's episode, Charlotte Clark, Co-Founder at Base Ventures, shares her love for the startup ecosystem and the measures we should take to make it more inclusive, transparent, and productive.

"Founders are facing problems that are not just hurdles — but ‘stop all work in progress,’" explains Charlotte Clark, co-founder at Base Ventures. “What is a deal breaker in your startup journey, versus something you just have to figure out how to manoeuvre around?" That question is at the heart of what Base Ventures offers the startup world.

Having experienced what it’s like to be lost in the startup ecosystem, Charlotte empathises with founders who face challenges around defining their professional journeys. That’s why Base Ventures has created a tool called Foresight, which helps startup founders articulate their entire process from creating the product to launching and connecting with investors. 

In line with her goal of developing a more sustainable startup ecosystem, Charlotte is also launching a boot camp to educate founders on inculcating a product-focused thought process particularly around user experience. 

Charlotte’s decisions are motivated by a desire to use technological innovation to provide cutting-edge support and education to startup founders. As she succinctly puts it — "Founder-forward first and technology second." 

We also cover a broader discussion around product development and its purpose within startups, including the all-too-common dangers of getting too excited about a product idea — to the point where you lose sight of the need it’s meant to address for your target market!

More insightful tidbits follow, including Charlotte’s idea of the evilest application of tech and her predictions on the exciting future of tech-for-good.