Cults | Teal Swan & The Story of Baby Holly (TW: Suicide)

Jul 21, 2022, 04:00 AM

Join us for this episode of the True Crime Society Podcast as we delve again into the fascinating world of cults and followers.

TW for this episode – suicide discussion.

Have you heard of Teal Swan?  Teal claims she is part-human, part extra-terrestrial.  She has also said that she can hear tectonic plates moving and can inject herself into people’s brainstems.  

Teal’s followers are known as ‘Tealers’.  Teal routinely gives out advice to suicidal people (she has no medical or psychiatric qualifications).  Several of Teal’s followers have taken their own lives after reaching out to her and her team.    

Is what Teal Swan is doing dangerous or does she have other’s best interests at heart?

We also discuss the crazy case of Baby Holly.   Tina and Harold Clouse were found murdered in Texas in 1981, but their remains were not identified until 2021.  The couple had a baby before their deaths and their extended family prayed for over 40 years for answers about what had happened to the family.  In 2022, ‘Baby Holly’ was found alive and well – she had been legally adopted and was unaware of the story of her biological family.  

It is believed that Tina and Harold were likely killed because of their involvement in a cult called ‘Christ’s Family’.  Members of this cult wore diapers on their heads as turbans and men and women were separated from each other.

Please note that we have lots of life updates in this episode – please skip to around 17 minutes if you would like to get straight into the episode content!

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