Cryptocurrency Podcast: Are You Bear-Market Prepared?

Episode 280,  Jul 21, 03:26 PM

The Crypto Market exploded between March 2020 and November 2021, with the total market capitalisation increasing from under $150 Million to over $3 trillion. However, like the stock market, the crypto market has also been affected by inflation and possible upcoming recession, leading to a bear-market phase. Here, sticking to suitable projects and staying disciplined with investment strategies is the way to go and come out on top.

Manisha Gupta of spoke to Prashanth Swaminathan, Partner & Head of International Business at Woodstock Fund and Subham Kejriwal, OTC Desk Executive at WazirX, focussing on people’s preparedness for the current bear market.

They talk about asset diversification, volatility in the crypto market, the pros and cons of the two market states and much more. Tune in to this special podcast presented by WazirX and to know what these experts have to say.