PATREON Teaser - Lit Crit Hour - Part 2

Jul 26, 07:00 AM

Our regularly scheduled FULL episode will be here on Wednesday! We just got a bit delayed with producing Lit Crit Hour 12...part 2...for Patreon. But we wanted to share a teaser with you, so enjoy! If you want to hear the rest, make sure to check out our Patreon where you'll get this and SO much more!


We're not even apologizing for this one. You know what you signed up for, and you KNOW what you got by reinforcing our bad behavior. 

But look, it's PART 2, which means take all the fuckery of The Golden Ass, Eros & Psyche, and just go EXTRA. 

We talk the aurora borealis, noses, shaggy/Shaggy/Shaggy, and drop hints along the way why Joseph Campbell can bite Cait's feminist ass. Oh, there's also a spreadsheet reference. 

From Olympus to Valhalla, we've got the goods on the gods, so join Cait, Original Gen, the Other Jenn, and SFX Kim as they spike and spill all the divine tea! 

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