Missing | Dylan Rounds & Chrissy Lee Powell

Jul 28, 2022, 04:00 AM

Join us for this episode of the True Crime Society Podcast as we discuss the cases of two missing people – Dylan Rounds and Christina Lee Powell.  

19 year-old farmer Dylan Rounds was last heard from in May 2022.  He told his grandmother he was going to move a grain truck out of the rain on his Utah farm. The truck was moved and Dylan has not been heard from again.

There are a lot of players and strange occurrences in Dylan’s case.  Just days before he vanished, he had an encounter with a man named Chase Venstra.  Chase was barefoot in the desert and acting erratically.  He asked Dylan for a ride and media reports say that Dylan refused.  Chase has since been arrested on other charges.  

Is he responsible for Dylan’s disappearance?  Or does Dylan’s neighbour, James Brenner know where Dylan is?

Christina Lee Powell called her workplace on July 5 to say that she was running late for work.  Eerie final footage of her was captured on her Ring doorbell – she was carrying her handbag and seemed to be rushing to get out the door.  Christina never made it to work.  She remained missing for over three weeks. 

Just before this episode was released, Christina was found deceased in the passenger seat of her vehicle in a restaurant parking lot in San Antonio, Texas.  Had her vehicle been there for the whole time she was missing?  How did nobody notice her?

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