Ep 6 - Richard Hawkes on his quashed conviction and Professor Richard Moorhead on legal ethics

Episode 6,   Jul 27, 2022, 09:16 AM

An interview with Richard Hawkes, a Subpostmaster whose conviction was quashed on 25 July, and an interview with Professor Richard Moorhead, legal ethics specialist from Exeter University, who has an interest in the Post Office Scandal.

Rebecca has been along to the Court of Appeal to witness five more Subpostmasters have their convictions quashed. She spoke to one of them - Richard Hawkes - about his ordeal. Rebecca has also interviewed legal blogger and academic Professor Richard Moorhead from Exeter University who has opened up an entire field of study based on the Post Office Scandal, particularly the legal failings which have been highlighted. Nick, on the other hand, is ill with what sounds like a suspicious dose of man-flue, and so has not contributed much to this episode other than sounding ill and needy.