Pilonidal Disease - What You Need to Know

Jul 28, 2022, 09:00 AM

Pilonidal cysts – a simple disease or a sneaky nuanced problem? Drs. Shanaz Hossain,  Patrick Georgoff and Scott Steele sit down to discuss the difficulties encountered in the management of pilonidal cysts and the myriad of treatment options available, ranging from non-operative management to outpatient pit picking to major operations involving flaps.

Dr. Steele dropped his “8 Key Principles for Pilonidal Cyst Management”:
1.    Control Sepsis
2.    Do the Least Amount of Work Possible
3.    Avoid Too Much Excision
4.    Remove All Hair, Un-Roof All Disease, and Debride Granulation Tissue
5.    Use Off-Midline Excision and Closure
6.    Tension Must Be Minimized with Primary Wound Closure
7.    Change the Anatomy – Flatten the Natal Cleft
8.    Never Underestimate the Impact of Postoperative Care

Tune in for detailed insights regarding management and learn about all the options for surgical treatment!
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