Thomas Keenan, Nikhil Sawant and Flylogix' Richard Nicholson on ATLAS

Episode 5,   Jul 28, 2022, 06:17 AM

The human brain loves a good story. Whether it's through our understanding of history or our forecasting of the future, we're hardwired to see the world as one big unfolding narrative.

A Formula 1 grand prix is also a story — a story in which quick decisions are crucial to influencing the outcome in your favour by analysing data to improve performance.

ATLAS is the tool helping to making those decisions. Whether it's at the track or in the open world, McLaren Applied's Advanced Telemetry Linked Acquisition System is a powerful data visualisation tool that can lead you to the right decisions when you need to make them.

We take a look behind the story with Thomas Keenan, Head of Operations, Motorsport, Nikhil Sawant, Senior Product Manager, and catch up with one of the McLaren Applied partners putting the system to good use, Richard Nicholson from Flylogix.

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