Vacation Nightmares 2 | Atsumi Yoshikubo, Christe Chen, David & Michelle Paul

Aug 04, 2022, 04:00 AM

Join us for this episode of the True Crime Society Podcast as we discuss Vacation Nightmares – Part Two.  

Japanese woman Atsumi Yoshikubo travelled alone to Yellowknife, Canada.  She wanted to see the Northern Lights.  Interestingly, Atsumi planned her trip for the off-season, when many of the tourist attractions were closed.  In eerie final footage, Atsumi was spotted on CCTV purchasing souvenirs.  Hotel staff raised the alarm when she never checked out of her room.  Her belongings were neatly packed, but there was no sign of Atsumi.  Her remains were eventually found on a hiking trail – did Atsumi take her own life?  Or was foul play involved?

Christe Chen married Bradley Dawson in February 2022 after a whirlwind romance – they planned their wedding in under a month.  The couple had been married for 5 months when they travelled from the US to Fiji for their honeymoon.  They were staying at the exclusive Turtle Island Resort, where villas cost over $3,000 per night.  The couple only enjoyed two days in paradise before Bradley was found drunk and injured on a neighboring island.  When staff entered the couple’s villa, Christe was found, beaten to death and surrounded by blood.  Her husband Bradley has been arrested and is currently in custody in Fiji. 

Americans David and Michelle Paul tried to take a child-free vacation once a year, to get some much-needed couple time together.  They traveled to Fiji and also only had a few days to enjoy paradise.  Both David and Michelle became very sick, very quickly.  They were treated by medical staff on the island, but both passed away within days of each other.  Causes of death for the couple have never been made public – were they poisoned?

In this episode, we also discuss updates to the case of Christina Lee Powell.  Christina was missing for three weeks before her body was found in the passenger seat of her vehicle in a mall parking lot in San Antonio, TX.

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