The Big Boo Cast, Episode 297

Aug 04, 01:00 AM

Since our last episode Melanie and Perry have moved Caroline into her new place in College Station, and I have been all manner of productive rounding up things for Alex's dorm room. Apparently both of us have been feeling our feelings about this particular transition, so we dig into that a little bit.

We also talk about Bama Rush Tok (will it be a thing this year? WE HOPE SO), what we're watching, and a book I've been loving. Plus, it's Melanie's turn for Five Favorites.

Enjoy, y'all!

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Show Notes:

- blackout curtains at Walmart (sold in packs of 2 in-store for $18, I think)

- four-cube storage unit 

- storage cubes

- bedside caddy

- dorm rug

- door stopper

- clip-on fan with USB plug

- rechargeable clip-on light

- "La Di Da" by Tedeschi Trucks Band

- The Pants Store

- Loot on AppleTV

- Southern Charm

- Lessons in Chemistry by Bonnie Garmus 

- Harry Potter & the Half-Blood Prince

- Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows 

- Nope

- Kur Illuminating Nail Concealer

- OPI Drip Dry Drops

- Hoka Mach 5 

- Keurig K-Supreme Plus coffee maker

- lightweight tunic top


- Prose (use this link for 15% off your custom hair supplements)

- Best Fiends (download in the Apple App Store or on Google Play)

- Hello Fresh (use code BIGBOO16 for 16 free meals across 7 boxes and 3 free gifts)

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