Make A Difference Minute: 8-year-old Della & Jennifer Morgan with Deljen's

Aug 03, 2022, 12:00 PM

In January 2021, 8-year-old Della Morgan's first grade teacher assigned the class a journal prompt on "What goal would you like to make this year?" Della had an idea to start a shaved ice business in the small town that her parents and she reside in because she loved shaved ice so much. Della wanted to sell ice cream and shaved ice to her friends, family and school friends. Fast forward, Della began to write the goal for her own business. She discussed her big idea with her mom, Jennifer, and she began to put it into action. From there, her mom helped her in less than three months to make her goal and dream come true. Della's parents believed in her and Deljen's Shaved Ice was founded when Della was just 6 years old. Listen & share.

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Russellville, AL