CT DPH Monkeypox Adisory - Boys & Girls Village Youth Link Mentoring - Call Before You Dig

Aug 07, 12:15 PM

How concerned should you be about the global monkeypox outbreak? Connecticut has already seen it fair share of cases, so we're bringing in the state's top doc - Commissioner of Public Health Dr. Manisha Juthani to fill you in on everything you need to know about monkeypox.

Then we're replaying a visit with the coordinator of the Youth Link Mentoring Program at Boys and Girls Village. This important initiative is recruiting mentors who will be trained to support the growing communities of LGBTQ+ youths across the state facing numerous challenges.

And we're closing ahead of August 11 - or as the folks at Call Before You Dig refer to it - "8-1-1 Day," a perfect time to update and remind any private property owner or commercial excavators about the mandated Call Before You Dig protocol here in Connecticut - no matter how shallow or deep you are digging.