Did Microsoft Need to Buy Activision Blizzard?

Episode 396,  Aug 08, 05:14 AM

On Throwdown Your Questions Ep. 396, we answer questions about Microsoft buying Activision Blizzard, positive PlayStation news, Halo Infinite’s multiplayer, Xbox Game Pass, gaming piracy, innovation in games, Steam Deck, and more!

Here are all of the questions we answer this week:

- Did Microsoft need to buy Activision Blizzard?
- When was positive PlayStation news discussed?
- Is Halo Infinite’s multiplayer mode a selling point?
- What is your favorite fighting game franchise?
- How can PlayStation compete with Game Pass?
- Is gaming piracy immoral?
- Has any game company been innovative this gen?
- What game did you give a second chance to?
- What is your favorite gaming franchise?
- How often will Steam Deck receive updates?
- Could old RPGs succeed nowadays?
- What if PlayStation offered NFTs?

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