The Soundtrack - Episode 4 with Monterio

Episode 4,  Aug 08, 05:28 AM

In the cultural there are so many streetwear brands setting new trends and raising the bar for other brands ⬆️ It’s easy to throw a logo on some clothes. 👕🩳 Going above and beyond and considering the details speaks volumes 🔈

Binna sits down with Owner/Founder of Boujee Boyz, Taeda where they touch on his entrepreneurship, business, upbringing, experiences, and more.

💽With every SOUNDTRACK there’s a story behind it. Every story has the power to inspire 🙌🏾and empower💪🏾🎙

💽 Taeda is a very talented individual that is making a name for himself not only in Portland but also in the fashion/music realms 🙌🏾 🔥

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Photo Credit: @carlosandrescortes_

Interview Guest: @taeda503 and @boujeeboyz
Host: @sincerelybinna
Engineer/Editor: @solsra_