Russ Brown & David Brookhouse | House Of Secrets, Performing In Schools & More | Talk Magic Podcast With Craig Petty #180

Episode 180,  Aug 09, 12:00 PM

In this interview, Russ and David break down the initiative and how it came to exist and what it entails. Russ also gives a mini tour of the house of secrets and finally talks about some exciting developments for next year's Blackpool Magic Convention.

Russ Brown is one of the most well known magicians in the UK.  He is a co-organiser of The Blackpool Magic Convention which is the largest magic convention in the World.  He is also an incredibly busy performer and through his company he sends magic acts to venues all over the world.  He is also the owner and founder of The House Of Secrets which is the premier magic bar in The North.

On top of all this Russ has also teamed up with David Brookhouse to start an initiative through Lancashire in schools.  Basically David and Russ are going into schools and delivering content that is based around magic that actually becomes part of the school curriculum.  This is not a one gig deal, David and Russ are working with schools all year round.  This is a really exciting initiative that could roll out throughout the UK and lead to extra works for hundreds of magicians.