Diversity & Inclusion in Recruitment: Interview with Jo Major

Season 3, Episode 2,  Aug 09, 06:30 AM

In episode 2, series 3 of The Authentic Recruiter podcast, Claire Ackers talks to Jo Major, Founder of Diversity in Recruitment.

In this insightful episode, Jo tells Claire how 22 years in recruitment inspired her to set up her D&I consultancy. Her passion really shines through, and you will come away convinced that diversity and inclusion needs to come away at the top of your list for your recruitment business.

They cover:
  • why the traditional commercial pressures/metrics of success for the industry must change if recruitment is ever going to become more diverse and inclusive
  • her top tips for recruitment business owners/independent recruiters to get started on their D&I journey
  • the problem of 'Next catalogue poses' on the 'Meet the Team' section of recruiters' websites
  • what managers can do right now to encourage more authentic recruiters
You can find out more about Jo here

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