Christmas Chaos With The Fam | My Crazy Family Podcast

Episode 1,   Aug 22, 2022, 09:00 AM

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On Todays Episode:

Crazy Family Story #1:
Snow in the air, the sounds of sleigh bells jingle off in the distance, and a family heads out on the open road for a mountain Christmas vacation. Grandpa is at the wheel.  What could possibly go wrong?  A lot. Buckle up. 

Crazy Family Story #2
A 24 year old female wants to know if she can finally cut her abusive mom out of her life after a lifetime of horrific abuse, including being locked in rooms, sent away to Christian Camp to fix her since she was overweight and had acne, and being told her epilepsy was caused by the devil.  

Crazy Family Story #3
My mom makes horrible decisions in her life.  She’s a great mom to me but she dates losers and is always in trouble or running from something. She finally has a decent boyfriend and I received a frantic call from him this morning. Here we go again…

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