Mysterious Doe Cases | The Somerton Man, Opelika Jane Doe & Artesia Jane Doe

Aug 11, 2022, 04:00 AM

Join us for this episode of the True Crime Society Podcast as we discuss three fascinating Doe cases.  

In October 2020, a quail hunter stumbled across human remains in a cattle float box in Artesia, AZ.  He assumed the remains belonged to a child as they were surrounded by toys.  When police investigated, further, they discovered the remains belonged to a female, likely aged between 13-22.  This Jane Doe was wearing what appeared to be a ‘witches robe’, as well as a jacket covered with skull print.

The remains of a young girl were found in Opelika, Alabama in January 2012.  She remains unidentified to this day.  In a twist to this case, police have photographs of the girl they believe to be Opelika Jane Doe, when she was alive.  Authorities believe she attended a bible school in the area.  No records of attendees at the school were kept, and none of the teachers recall her name.  This tiny girl had been so badly abused before her death, that police believe she had a very noticeable injury to her eye.  This injury can be seen in the photos they have.

The mystery of the Somerton Man is one that has captured the public’s attention for decades.  In 1948, a man was found deceased on Somerton Beach in South Australia.  All labels had been removed from his clothing and many medical experts believe that he died from poisoning.  Over the years, many theories about this man were discussed – was he a spy who had been murdered?  Or a ballet dancer – he had pointed toes and high calf muscles, similar to those displayed by dancers?  In July 2022, following extensive DNA testing, researchers announced that they had likely identified the Somerton Man.  (Right before we aired this episode, as usual!)

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