Wendy - Down the rabbit hole. Anomalies and Unexplained.

Aug 11, 05:21 PM

Nothing here is what it seems. Alive in the dream. This rabbit hole is a stairway to the stars.

Brief description of the show focus and inclusion of past shows from the Conscious Living on Empower Radio archives.

Why do I do this show? It's personal. My everyday experience with the interactive nightlight is my grounding and foundation connection to the presence of the unexplained. I don't call it paranormal but that is the best category for tagging.
After a lifetime of experiences - I call it reality.

3 Anomalous experiences.
2013 - The UFO in the bedroom
2010 - Hologram experience in New Mexico church
Screen memory overlay. Not my Cat. Rather, it was a presence in the house.

I respect the guests I interview who are brave enough to share a story that goes against the grain - and risk public disapproval. Reality is more wonderful and amazing than our present science accounts for. And that's a perk rather than a problem. There will always be new discoveries and feathers to ruffle.

2 shows I am posting have been resurrected from my Conscious Living show.
Experiencer - Rajah Sharma.
Contactee - Enrique Villanueva.

Truth is relative - and a puzzle - presented piece by piece via experiencers (each and every one, players in the game of life). Consciousness is the common denominator. Connection is possible when we quiet the buzz of the manifest illusion and re-engage our PSI abilities via telepathy, intuition, meditation and dreams.

Experience is the reveal. The goal? In a word: Evolution.

Down the rabbit hole we go!

Wendy's Coffeehouse = https://talkingtonightlights.wordpress.com/

I deviate at times with my interview topics, but the focus is first-hand anomalous experiences. Working my way to a million stories. Childhood got me out of the gate with a boatload ... the bonus was an imaginary friend named Heygo. He helped me tip the scale for a spiffy start. I think he was a gnome. We played outside and he was at home in the woods where I lived. One day I told mom he flew out the window and never mentioned him again...