Stefan Szymanski on Premier League TV deal, fan ownership, closed leagues and salary caps

Episode 295,  Oct 06, 2021, 07:18 PM

Soccernomics co-author Dr. Stefan Szymanski discusses why the Premier League is on the precipice of making more money from TV rights than ever before, how the next Premier League TV deal in the U.S. is up in the air, the impact of government authorities in the UK on TV rights, Brexit’s longterm impact on the Premier League and English Championship, luxury taxes in European soccer and whether they can work or not, has the salary cap in LaLiga helped or hurt the Spanish league, survival rate comparison between soccer clubs in open leagues versus closed leagues, the story of Leicester City that went from bankruptcy to league title winners, how coverage of the European Super League was different in the US versus UK media, concept of ownership of soccer clubs; owners versus local communities; fan ownership, the German 50+1 model, and whether it can work in England plus news about a new edition of Soccernomics coming soon.

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