Summer Wells: June 15, 2021 (Part 1)

Season 2, Episode 90,  Aug 12, 06:00 AM

From the very beginning, the disappearance of five year old Summer Wells has caused confusion and frustration for everyone following it, from people watching it unfold on the news and on the internet and the websleuths who have made this case their personal project, to the law enforcement officials trying to put the pieces together. Due to the widespread attention, the investigation and news coverage of this case has been marked with a great deal of speculation and rumors, which is often what happens when so much is left unknown, and when the official narrative doesn’t really add up. Stephanie covered Summer’s disappearance on YouTube when it initially happened, but since then there have been more updates and more information has come to the light, and we know there were a lot of people who wanted us to talk about this case on Crime Weekly, because Derrick would be able to contribute his unique detective perspective and hopefully it will provide us with some insight of what happened here, and if there is any truth to the multiple rumors that have muddied the waters of this case.

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