What Was The Mysterious Mist? | Best of Real Ghost Stories Online

Aug 13, 09:00 AM

What was the dark mist that seemed to suddenly appear in a bedroom and disappear just as fast?
Here is a preview of the story.
“My eyes snapped opened, head jerking to the right just in time to see the mist collecting in the open closet – mist somehow darker than the pitch-black room. I knew what would happen next; it had happened every night that week. The mist would condense, solidify, and he would take form. The Figure. Mere silhouette though he was, every time I saw that tall, broad-shouldered form lumber out of the closet to resume a familiar position in the bedroom doorway, my heart would start to beat out of my chest. I wanted to run, but… somehow, I knew passing through this shadow man was the worst thing I could do. There was no choice but to lie there under his gaze and wonder if anything awful had ever happened in this apartment.
Indeed, the complex itself was aggressively average for a college town – nothing ominous except a faulty boiler and a few rusted aircons. My roommate Danny and I thought we were getting a good deal for a couple of undergraduates, despite the fact that we had to share a bedroom. But, well… I will skip the cliches and just say that it felt like there was something off about our unit as soon as we moved in. Even when I opened the blinds and turned on all the lights – which I became obsessive about as time went on – nothing could overcome the persistent dinginess of the place. There were also a lot of… trivial things…”

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