The Weekend Podcast - Celebrity Wedding

Episode 2502,  Aug 12, 06:53 PM

Are we in recession?

Event Actual Forecast Previous
GDP (MoM) -0.6% -1.2% 0.4%
GDP (QoQ) (Q2)    -0.1% -0.2% 0.8%

July is -0.6%
August is -0.3%

You’re going to need September to grow by 0.9% to not contract - impossible.


We are in an energy inflation driven recession.

The biggest rising cost for any company right now is energy.

Domestic energy is capped - which is laughable.

Business energy is not. Article in the times about some businesses are seeing a 5 fold increase.

There’s a v sad story online today about a lady who works for a very popular Chinese take away in Aberdeen. Their bill has gone up 10 fold and its their last day on business on Saturday.

Name a company addressing this issue for businesses and you’ve got yourself a winner.