Skepticrat180 - But His Emails Edition

Episode 180,  Aug 15, 11:00 AM

On this week's episode: Heath gets robot spider nightmares ... We look at the only kind of honour that Boris Johnson is familiar with ... AND HEATH GETS ZOMBIE ROBOT SPIDER NIGHTMARES!

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Headline Sources:

Trump gets raided by the FBI and the GOP has a meltdown:

House passes climate, tax, and health package:
Vlog Brothers video about the importance of the new climate bill:

Boris Johnson’s plan to create large number of new peers comes under fire: 
Boris Johnson’s draft resignation honours list includes wife of former Putin minister:

Latest CPAC highlights including performance art of a sobbing J6 rioter in a jail cell:
Literally including a banner that said "WE ARE ALL DOMESTIC TERRORISTS":

Scientists use necrobotic spiders to grip objects:

Psychic Uri Geller fires warning to Vladimir Putin about attacking Scotland: 
Uri Geller wants to make his island a micronation: