The Murder of Jared Bridegan

Aug 18, 2022, 04:00 AM

In February 2022, father of four, Jared Bridegan, was returning home after dropping two of his kids off to their mother, his ex-wife.   He had his 2 y/o daughter Bexley in the car with him.  On a quiet, residential street, Jared came across a tire laying in the road.  He stopped his vehicle and carefully got out to move the obstacle.  Almost as soon as he opened the door to his vehicle, he was brutally murdered.   His daughter thankfully was unharmed in the incident.

Join us for this episode of the True Crime Society Podcast as we discuss the unsolved murder of Jared Bridegan.  

Jared split from his first wife Shanna Gardner in 2015.  Shanna came from a very wealthy family and is the heiress to the ‘Stampin’ Up’ fortune. 

Their eventual split was very messy – the court filing for their divorce includes over 300 documents.  It has been reported that Shanna asked if there was someone who could ‘shut him up’, in reference to Jared.

Shanna and Jared both remarried.  Jared had two more children with his second wife Kirsten.  The last court filing in regards to his divorce with Shanna was made just four months before his murder (7 years after the initial divorce started!)

Was Jared murdered in a random attack?  Or was it orchestrated by someone close to him?

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