Investing into Grassroots Sport; Tim Seymour and Greater Manchester FC

Episode 49,  Sep 03, 2022, 08:00 AM

Featuring our Elite Champion Tim Seymour, joint owner of Profit First Professionals UK, Tim speaks with us about the importance of the private sector working to help support local communities through financial and non-financial support of the sports sector.

Joining Tim, who has chosen to reinvest his membership fee into supporting the work of Greater Manchester FC, is GMFC's Founder Mohammed Haroon.

GMFC was created with a collective vision by many in the game who wished to make change happen at a fundamental level. A new culture of management, support & opportunity has been created at the club, combined with a drive for broader participation at every level of the game. It is possible to achieve real equality on merit, without the need for positive discrimination.

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Hosted by, recorded, edited and produced by Tony Rice.