The Disturbing Downfall of EDP445

Episode 5,   Aug 30, 2022, 09:30 PM

Welcome back, Darksiders; in this episode, we dive into quite possibly our most disturbing rabbit hole yet. Many of us remember the wild west days of YouTube and the many unsavory characters that came with it. While others went on to lead long-lasting prolific careers, some like EDP445 found themselves constantly fighting to stay relevant due to their edgy content. EDP445 would be loved by many in YouTube's underground scene, but when he was caught in 4K trying to meet up with minors, a genuinely sickening story would begin to unravel. Welcome to the Dark Side of YouTube.

Autumn Ivy (Host) -
Joey Sourlis (Sound production) -
Swamp Dweller (Producer) -
Page Turner (Writer) -
TDN (Graphics) -