Why better management is a competitive advantage? with Lukas Michel

Episode 296,  Sep 08, 2022, 08:00 AM

In this episode of LID Radio Podcast, we're joined by Lukas Michel to speak about why management is every managers' primary job and why it should be a competitive advantage.

About Better Management
For management to be a competitive advantage, it must be better management. Recent research has shown that companies that have established agile, people-centric and dynamic capabilities – and have got rid of traditional management methods – outperform others by a huge margin. From this, the author of Better Management offers six key principles of better management, that will provide the platform for all business leaders and organizations to make the shift towards greater performance. 

Lukas Michel is the owner and CEO of Lukas Michel Management Insights, a global network of experienced business mentors. Over the course of his 40-year career, he has worked with executive teams around the world, focusing on management and agility for a diverse range of local, national, and global organizations. Lukas is the author of The Performance Triangle, Management Design, People-Centric Management and Diagnostic Mentoring.

Get a copy of the book: https://lidpublishing.com/book/better-management/