Anti-Bandito Bash & BBQ Jamboree

Episode 125,  Aug 29, 2022, 01:35 AM

The Chitshow Podcast #125 - "Anti-Bandito Bash & BBQ Jamboree"

Here we are with episode 125! Listen in as we talk about Quiet Quitting (11:55), Biden's student loan forgiveness (24:33), Finland's PM criticized for dancing (29:18), Clown College: racists Mary & Nicholas Nicosia (35:21), racist Mexican Rapper Swifty Blue (43:57), Andrew Tate (52:16), controversial AI rapper FN Meka dropped from deal (56:25), the glizzy straw (1:06:25), Zuckerberg on Rogen (1:09:08), Lil Scrappy the wrestler (1:13:27), Joei Fulco calls her dad out (1:15:51), Danny saw Dragon Ball Super Hero (1:21:15), She Hulk (1:23:23), Wednesday Addams announcement (1:27:17), the Knives Out sequel announcement (1:34:08), Dan Harmon on Community movie (1:36:48), Danny talks Shadow War and Dark Crisis comics (1:42:44), Dragon Ball Z in Fortnite (1:45:48), Danny finishes FF XIV (1:50:12), South Park 25th Anniversary @ Red Rocks (1:54:12), Rolling Stone calls Harry Styles the King of pop (1:57:35), and more! We also talk/feature (2:06:30) music from Julia Jacklin, Butch Walker, Roc Marciano, Hot Chip, and JID. Our intro/outro music is "Barbara Streisand (Radio Edit)" by Duck Sauce.

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