The High Court's Decision in Pell (Guest: Associate Professor Andrew Hemming)

Episode 11,  Aug 31, 08:00 PM

In 2020, a unanimous High Court of Australia found that the jury that convicted Cardinal George Pell of historical sex abuse crimes must have had a reasonable doubt.  The decision set Pell free after 13 months of imprisonment, but has led to continued controversy.  Did the High Court get it right?  Did Pell's status as a senior religious figure affect the process at any stage?  How much respect should we give jury decisions?  This episode features an interview with criminal and evidence law expert  Associate Professor Andrew Hemming to discuss the Pell decision.

The High Court decision in Pell v The Queen can be downloaded from the High Court judgement library.

Andrew Hemming's articles on the Pell decision have been published in Volume 1 of the Australian Journal of Law and Religion and in a forthcoming issue of the Criminal Law Journal.

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