Cases Solved by Adventures with Purpose

Sep 01, 2022, 04:00 AM

Kiely Rodni (16) has been recovered after being missing in Truckee, California for over two weeks.  Kiely was found deceased in her vehicle, in 14 feet of water, very close to where she was last seen alive.  How did police spend thousands of hours searching for her to no avail?  

Adventures with Purpose searched the area and found Kiely within minutes.    

In this episode of the True Crime Society Podcast we discuss the recovery of missing people by volunteer team Adventures with Purpose (AWP).

Along with Kiely’s case, we discuss the cases of:

  • Ethan Kazmerzak from Iowa.  Ethan was missing for over seven years before AWP found his remains in 2020 inside his vehicle in a pond, near where he was last known to be alive.
  • Samantha Jean Hopper and her 22 month old daughter Courtney Holt disappeared from Russellville, Arkansas on September 11, 1998.  They remained missing for over TWENTY years before AWP pulled the vehicle containing their remains from the Illinois Bayou.
  • Matthew ‘Jed’ Hall (16) left a note behind for his family when he left home for the final time in Idaho on January 22, 2018.  It seems that he intended to take his own life.  In May 2022, AWP searched the Snake River in Idaho for Jed, and found his remains in his vehicle, 50 feet from shore.
  • Carey Mae Parker was a 23y/o mother-of-three who vanished in Texas on March 17, 1991.  Carey had been set to attend her son’s birthday party when she disappeared.  AWP searched for Carey in 2021, thirty years after she vanished.  The found her vehicle and her remains, along with a bicycle that she had purchased for her son’s birthday in Lake Tawakoni.

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