Lynne Cantwell

Season 1, Episode 6,   Sep 05, 2022, 12:00 PM

TritonLake, as primary sponsors of the Ireland Sevens programme, brings you TritonLake Perform – a podcast series that will explore the intersection of sport and business, and in particular, the necessary ingredients when it comes to creating and maintaining a dynamic high-performance culture. Hosted by TritonLake founder and CEO, Conor Smyth, guests on TritonLake Perform will come from the world of sport and business, with particular focus on businesses operating in the countries where HSBC Sevens World Series Events take place - many of which are key markets for TritonLake. 

The sixth episode of TritonLake Perform features Lynne Cantwell, Women’s High-Performance Manager for South African Rugby. In this episode, Cantwell looks back on what motivated her own performance as a player with Munster and Irish Rugby, before she made the switch to High-Performance Manager. Cantwell delves into the cultural and sporting differences between Irish and South African Rugby, noting the important role data has to play in today’s game, and looks ahead to what she feels will be an exciting future for women in rugby and indeed, women in sport, across Ireland and the world.