Episode 163: Surviving All: The Case of Lauren Kavanaugh Part Two

Episode 163,  Sep 11, 2022, 04:00 AM

Part Two of the haunting case of one child's survival of all abuses known to the law. Special guest Judge Megan joins to add legal perspectives.

The conclusion to the Lauren Kavanaugh case.
At birth Lauren was adopted to parents who cherished and loved her, at 20 months old due to a legal technicality, Lauren was ordered back to her birth mother Barbara Calhoun. Now she sits in a closet at 8 years old, malnourished and battered with nothing to keep her company but a small light cascading in from under the closet door. Take a listen to how Lauren survives in the darkness.

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Music By: Jonas Bjornstand
Cover Art By: Charnell Lennox
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