Missing | Allahnia "Fruity" Lenoir & Alexis Ware

Sep 08, 2022, 04:00 AM

On July 30, 2022, Allahnia ‘Fruity’ Lenoir and a friend arranged to meet up with two men at an apartment complex in Atlanta.  Allahnia and the friend can be seen on CCTV entering the building.  Later on, the friend and the two men emerge and are captured on video.

Allahnia is never seen leaving the complex.  

After she vanished, the two men, Diante Reynolds and Steven Oboite cleaned the apartment thoroughly and moved out.    It took police more than a week to search the apartment.  

Allahnia’s mother believes she has been ‘moved’ from the apartment.  Could she have been trafficked?

Alexis Ware was acting strangely in January 2022.  She told her mother that the ‘devil’ would not stop contacting her, that a black truck was following her and that she would likely not be around to celebrate her 30th birthday in March 2022.

On January 30, 2022, Alexis arranged to meet her ex at a gas station.  The plan was for him to give her gas money and then she would follow him in her vehicle back to a family member’s house.  Instead, after leaving the 7/11, Alexis turned sharply and drove off in the opposite direction.  

She has never been seen again.  A few days after she vanished, her vehicle was found abandoned in a wooded area that Alexis would have been unfamiliar with.  Her phone and the hair bonnet that she had been wearing were also found at the scene.  

Was Alexis really being stalked or was there something else going on in her case?

Join us for this episode of the True Crime Society Podcast as we discuss the unrelated cases of missing women Allahnia Lenoir and Alexis Ware.  We also discuss a huge update in the case of Artesia Jane Doe, as well as some updated information in the Kiely Rodni case.

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