TWF Episode #101: G.O. - A Gift & An Opportunity

Season 5, Episode 5,   Sep 09, 2022, 01:25 AM

What a game last week was for our Warriors. A much tougher game than any of us expected but our guys fought their way out of it to come home victorious and end our 4 game Road Losing Streak. 

I go over some details and key thoughts I have from last week's win over the North Central Panthers. Then I focus my attention on the team we have in front of us. The Bears of Lawrence Central. The team that ended our season last year.  I feel like our team is ready to G.O., as Pastor Duncan said to them last week. They have before them a Gift & an Opportunity now to go forward and do great things. But can our team do so? 

That's the main question at hand and I feel like many of our teams key players are ready to step up to that challenge. 

And lastly to end this week's show, I give a brief overview of how some of our guys at the next level did in the first major week of College Football. So sit back and enjoy another great episode of True Warrior Football!!!