#263: Sound Money In An Unsound World | Tony Arterburn

Sep 11, 2022, 04:00 AM

With the money printing machines running 24/7/365 at the Federal Reserve, the Ponzi scheme which is America’s monetary policy is reaching the end of its life cycle. There are too many units of currency in the system and the value of each unit is rapidly being depreciated at breakneck speed. By all accounts, the system is ready to collapse.

Now that future economic uncertainty is on the minds of most people, those paying attention are looking for the exits and wondering what to do with their wealth before it gets hyperinflated away. Luckily, Tony Arterburn has been preparing for this very outcome for many years and is positioned to help people convert their Federal Reserve notes into silver and gold as a way of betting against the U.S. Dollar and possibly profiting when this whole system comes crashing down.

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