Ep. 36 - The (Not So Mini) Mini-Lesson of Sierra Halseth and Aaron Guerrero

Season 2, Episode 36,  Sep 12, 04:00 AM

Welcome to Episode 36 guys! Before we get started please note that the case begins around the 26 minute mark. We apologize for all the gabbing, but we had a lot to say apparently. We will keep it shorter in the coming weeks. We promise.

Episode 36 is the case of Sierra Halseth and Aaron Guerrero. This case centers around Sierra and her relationship with his amazing, devoted father Daniel Halseth. The couple brutally murdered Daniel, 45 years old in his garage after the family decided Sierra and Aaron should not see each other anymore. Listen to all the INSANE details and as always let us know what you think about this case over on our Instagram.

THE VIDEO* BE WARNED* https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vzCPxRSf2qU
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