Let's LSE about that #5: Freshers Week Special

Episode 106,  Sep 16, 2022, 02:00 AM

Welcome to the fifth episode of ‘Let’s LSE about that’! And our first episode of 22/23!!

Struggling with a problem that no one has prepared you for? Facing something you’re expected to understand but have no idea? Generally, feel you’ve been thrown in at the deep end and need a lifeline? You’re in the right place!

On this podcast, we discuss common student issues and see if we can LSE about that! Every episode I interview a handful of students and talk to them about a specific student issue, discussing what they know and want to know.

From this we try to find the answers, using the input of an expert (or experts), hoping to get to the bottom of the issues no one talks about enough!

Welcome Freshers !!! Beaver Sound sends a huge congratulations on getting into LSE, you have an exciting year ahead of you!

For our first episode of the year, we want to share our tips as current LSE students to incoming freshers! Freshers is a daunting time, so here at Beaver Sound, we want to address some of those worries and share our advice from our time as freshers so you have the best Freshers ever!!! 

Produced, Edited and Hosted by Lily Whittle 

Cover Art by Matilda Holt 

Music by Soulful Palomskyy, francescopalomo2007, Pixabay Music