Mr. Anime's Unhinged Slaughter

Episode 7,   Sep 14, 2022, 09:30 PM

Trey Sesler, known as Mr. Anime to those online, was reasonably popular in the early days of YouTube's anime community. At first, it would seem that Trey was like many other people discovering YouTube for the first time, posting content that would be seemingly random or without purpose or forethought. That would quickly change as Mr. Anime's twisted descent from reality became apparent in his uploads. Things would eventually escalate to a breaking point no one imagined possible. Join host Autumn Ivy as they deep dive into Mr. Anime's twisted mind and his heinous crimes against the ones he loved the most. Welcome to The Dark Side of Youtube.

Autumn Ivy (Host) -
Joey Sourlis (Sound production) -
Swamp Dweller (Producer) -
Page Turner (Writer) -
TDN (Graphics) -