E142 - Veterans’ Reunion 2022

Sep 14, 02:41 AM

September 2022 

Each year, to mark the arrival of the first Codebreakers at GC&CS in 1939 we hold our Veterans’ Reunion. The Reunion is always a very special day for us at Bletchley Park as it gives us the chance to thank our Veterans for their service. For the Veterans it is a chance to meet old friends, make new ones, reminisce and tell stories of their time here.

This year it was made more poignant as because of the global pandemic, this was the first we have been able to hold since 2019. It meant that we were not sure just how many would be able to make it, but twenty Veterans and over one hundred of their family and friends managed to join us for this special day.

Podcast Producer Mark Cotton will bring you a flavour of the day and interviews with the following Veterans:

Kay Wingate
Pat Field
Anne Chetwynd-Stapylton
Miriam Myland
Jean Cheshire (wartime resident) 
Betty Webb
Pat Davies

Many thanks to Alex McFadyen, editor of the official Bletchley Park magazine, Ultra, for assisting on the day. 

Image: ©Will Amlot for the Bletchley Park Trust 2022 

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