Discovering the Birthplace of Helen Keller

Episode 26,   Sep 15, 2022, 12:00 PM

Close your eyes and transport yourself back in time in this episode of Unexpected Adventures in North Alabama. Melea talks with Sue Pilkilton, executive director at the Birthplace of Helen Keller Museum. Sue shares stories from Helen’s life and talks about how visitors can learn more about her legacy for themselves.

“When you visit the Helen Keller Birthplace, we often talk about Annie Sullivan’s importance in Helen’s life. We really feel that it took the two to make the one. If Annie Sullivan had not arrived in 1887 here in Tuscumbia, I don’t think the world would have ever known of Helen Keller. She was the backbone that pushed Helen to do what she did.“ -Sue Pilkilton

The Helen Keller Birthplace

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