Max’s dominance, De Vries’s delight and Alpine’s driver dilemma – Triple Header Review

Sep 20, 2022, 04:00 AM

After a breathless spell of three dramatic races back-to-back, Tom Clarkson, Natalie Pinkham and Damon Hill take a moment to look back at three very different Grands Prix – even if all of them were won by the same driver – and look at how Red Bull and Max Verstappen have pulled away from Ferrari since the summer break. Plus they chat about the mounting pressure on the Scuderia, and ask whether Mercedes will be able to break their duck and win a race before the season is out – and whether it could be George Russell rather than Lewis Hamilton who sees the top step of the podium first. The gang also reflect on Nyck De Vries’s impressive debut last time out at Monza – and where that puts him in the race for a full-time place on the grid for next year. Also on the driver market, they examine Alpine’s options for 2023, and why Daniel Ricciardo seems to have dropped out of the running for that seat. And of course, a couple of listeners get to put their questions to the 1996 World Champion in ‘Ask Damon’.

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