Oscar Rewind: Silver Linings Playbook

Season 5, Episode 173,   Sep 28, 2022, 01:00 PM

We're nearing the end of our look back at the 2013 Oscar Season. Crystal and Ana get to reminisce about their early screening experience, Joy gets to talk about her love for this film all while we acknowledge the grossness that IS David O. Russell. Go back and listen to our thoughts on American Hustle for a fuller understanding of what we think. The only reason this film isn't as messy is because there is a base material, a novel, from which Russell had to work with to frame this movie. We encourage everyone to not go see his latest film, Amsterdam. We hear it is actually pretty bad anyways, so no loss there. 

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Read the book -  In Love With A Boy by Joss Stone - Watch Widows - Watch Stoker - Listen to our review of American Hustle 

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