Derpington Cornwallis V

Episode 129,  Sep 27, 2022, 07:59 AM

The Chitshow Podcast #129 - "Derpington Cornwallis V"

Episode 129 is here! Listen in as we talk about the AV Fair [lol] (5:15), Russia taking L's (14:56), Iranian protests (20:13), Armenia/Azerbaijan reminder (30:27), Adame Levine outed by IG model (38:13), Kanye West says Sway had the answers (57:20), Diary of a Wimpy Kid actor sentenced to life (1:06:41), Cyberpunk Edgerunners/What We Do In Shadows/The Sandman (1:12:55), Cyberpunk (1:21:10), FFXIV's social scene (1:27:50), and more! We also talk/feature (1:33:34) music from Anthony Green, T H R O N E, Ransom/Mayor, and Silvana Estrada. Our intro/outro music is "Sea Salt" by Quadron.

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